Nevile Delinos

Ranger from The Vale

Name Nevile Delinos Age 24 Castle
Height 5’ 7" Weight 125 lbs Rank


Rating Ability Specialities Rating Ability Specialities
5 Agility 2 Knowledge
1 Animal Handling 5 Marksmanship Bows (3B)
5 Athletics Strength (2B) 2 Persuasion
5 Awareness 1 Status
3 Cunning 4 Stealth Sneak (1B)
2 Deception 3 Survival Track (2B)
3 Endurance 2 Thievery
1 Fighting 2 Warfare
2 Healing 3 Will
2 Language

Derived Stats

  • Intrigue
Intrigue Defense Composure
9 9
  • Combat
Combat Defense Health
15 9


Quality Effects
Accurate Your Marksmanship attacks can defeat your opponents’ cover. Whenever you roll a Marksmanship test to attack an opponent protected by some form of cover, you gain +1D
Brother of the Night’s Watch TBC
Deadly Shot All bows and crossbows you wield gain Piercing 1 or increase their existing Piercing quality by 1. In addition, these weapons gain the Vicious quality
Double Shot As a Greater Action, you may fire two arrows at once. Roll two tests using your full Marksmanship, but take –1D on each test. You may fire the arrows at the same target or at two adjacent targets
Cursed Whenever you would spend a Destiny Point, roll 1d6. On a roll of a 1, the Destiny Point has no effect and is wasted
Fear Dogs – Choose one object of your fear—fire, snakes, wolves, women, and so on. When in the presence of the thing you fear, you take a –1D on all tests. Each round on your turn, roll 1d6. On a 6, you overcome your fear and lose this penalty for the duration of the encounter
Ignoble You take –1D on all Persuasion and Status tests
Marked Whenever you test Persuasion, you must re-roll any die result of an 6 and take the second roll

Destiny Points : 3

Equipment Weight Bulk Qualities
Double-Curve Bow (Extraordinary) 2 lbs Long Range, Piercing 1, Powerful, Two-Handed, Vicious
Warm Clothes
Black Woollen Cloak
Quiver (10 Arrows)


Attack Test Dice Weapon Damage
Double-Curve Bow 5D + 3B + 1 Agility + 4


  • Armour Rating – 0
  • Armour Penalty – 0
  • Allies -
  • Enemies -
  • Oaths – Took the Black
  • Motto -
  • Retainers -

Nevile Delinos

Taking the Black Axykor