Dragonglass Weapons

If you make a dragonglass weapon, the stats should be ‘tweaked’ as follows from a normal weapon of that type:

1. +1 damage to all attacks, so as a normal dagger is Agility -2, a Dragonglass dagger is Agility -1.
2. Against Wights and Others/White walkers ignore their AR.
3. Against Wights and Others/White walkers +7 damage, so our Dragonglass dagger normally does Agility -1, against these creatures the damage is Agility +6.
4. All other stats and qualities remain the same.

Dragonglass Dagger Stats

Specialty: Short Blade
Training : None
Damage: Agility -1
Qualities: Defensive +1, Off Hand +1
Special: Vs Wights and Others/White Walkers damage is Agility +6 and AR is ignored.


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