Rarely seen south of the Wall, direwolves are fearsome predators famed for their speed and savagery. They grow much larger than their mundane cousins, as big as ponies, with somewhat longer legs, and they are proportionately fierce. Their mere presence is enough to unnerve people and animals alike, and their howls can send a chill of fear through all who hear them. Direwolf coloration is similar to that of mundane wolves, with black, grey, tan, and reddish-brown fur, along with some rare albinos with pure white coats and red eyes.

Both wolves have the same stats. These will increase as they get older.

Agility 3 Dodge 1B, Quicknessss 1B
Athletics 4 Jump 1B, Run 1B, Swim 1B
Awareness 3 Notice 2B
Cunning 1
Endurance 4 Resilience 2B, Stamina 2B
Fighting 3
Stealth 5 Sneak 2B
Survival 5 Forage 1B, Hunt 1B, Orientation 1B
Will 2
Combat Defense 11 Armor Rating 1 Armor Penalty 0
Health 12 Movement 8 yards
Bite 3D 5 damage, Powerful, Vicious
Claws 3D 3 damage

Leaping Charge: When a direwolf charges, it may make two attacks, one with its claws and another with its bite.


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