Owens Black Wolf Pup

Agility 3 Dodge 1B, Quicknessss 1B
Athletics 4 Jump 1B, Run 1B, Swim 1B
Awareness 3 Notice 2B
Cunning 1
Endurance 4 Resilience 2B, Stamina 2B
Fighting 3
Stealth 5 Sneak 2B
Survival 5 Forage 1B, Hunt 1B, Orientation 1B
Will 2
Combat Defense 11 Armor Rating 1 Armor Penalty 0
Health 12 Movement 8 yards
Bite 3D 5 damage, Powerful, Vicious
Claws 3D 3 damage

Leaping Charge: When a direwolf charges, it may make two attacks, one with its claws and another with its bite.



Taking the Black JayJay