Piotr the Shadowcat

A Wild Shadowcat, Captured by Owen to be Kittys Mate.

Age 5 Gender Male
Length 8’7" Weight 305lbs
Rating Ability Specialty Rating Ability Specialty
4 Agility Balance (2B), Dodge (1B), Quickness (2B) 0 Knowledge
0 Animal Handling 0 Marksmanship
4 Athletics Climb (2B), Jump (2B), Run (2B), Strength (1B) 0 Persuasion
5 Awareness Notice (2B) 0 Status
1 Cunning 5 Stealth Sneak (1B)
0 Deception 4 Survival Hunt (1B), Track (1B)
3 Endurance Stamina (1B) 0 Thievery
4 Fighting 0 Warfare
0 Healing 2 Will
0 Language
Quality Effect
Leaping Charge When Piotr Charges, He May Make Both Bite and Claw Attacks
Sneaky Piotr Gains +1D on Stealth Tests at Night
Destiny Points -
Intrigue Defense 6 Combat Defense 13
Composure 6 Health 9
Movement 8 Yards
Run Multiplier x4
Weapon/Attack Test Dice Damage
Bite 4D 4 (Viscious)
Claw 4D 5 (Powerful)
Armour Type Rating Penalty Bulk Notes
None 0 0 0
Owen MacUrien: Owner
Kitty: Mate

Shadowcats are great cats with distinctive dark hides striped with white. They infest the mountains throughout Westeros and attack without provocation. Once on the trail of a meal, they rarely give up the chase.


Piotr the Shadowcat

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